November 2019

The EOS series from CAB with the two now models EOS2 and EOS5 combines all functions of a solid label printer with highest operating comfort.

October 2019

Zebra's ZT400 Series Printers—Designed to Grow with Evolving Needs. Featuring advanced technology—including a large color touch display and versatile connectivity options—these printers take performance to a new level and are adaptable for customers' evolving needs.
Zebra ZT400

July 2019

The PX940 family of high-performance industrial printers with integrated label verification technology provides error-free printing. Developed for companies that are subjected to fines levied for non-compliance barcodes, the PX940 series prints barcodes that are defect-free and 100% accurate every time.
Intermec PC940

July 2019

The ZD200 desktop printer series is available in direct thermal and thermal transfer models. Engineered with Zebra quality, it delivers reliable operation at an affordable price. This printer offers the basic features you need—all backed by Zebra service and support.
Zebra ZT200

June 2019

Designed to support whats behind the barcode, TEKLYNX 2019 products set you up for success now and into the future. Print faster, automate repetitive manual steps, and prevent errors with TEKLYNX 2019.

May 2019

Datalogic combines with the Magellan 1500i outstanding image quality with an innovative design to develop the most powerful presentation scanner on the market.
Datalogic Magellan 1500i

April 2019

Seagull Scientific has announced the immediate availability of BarTender 2019, the latest version of the worlds most trusted software for transforming business information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, documents, packing slips and pallet labels that drive all companies—from microbusinesses to global enterprises.
BarTender 2019

December 2018

The Datalogic Matrix 220™ imager is the most compact image-based bar code reader capable of providing top performance with the highest flexibility.
Datalogic Matrix 220 ™

November 2018

NiceLabel has announced the launch of the worlds first public cloud label management system, developed to allow businesses to rapidly digitally transform their factory and warehouse labeling process.
NiceLabel Label Cloud

August 2018

The Gryphon™ 4500 2D series represents the premium range of hand held scanners from Datalogic. The GD4500 scanner is the desk (corded) version for general purpose applications.
Gryphon ™ 4500 2D-Serie

August 2018

The Zebra ZD510-HC Wristband Printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market - Zebra's Z-Band® wristbands.
Zebra ZD510-HC

July 2018

The Zebra ZQ600 Series delivers all the features needed to maximise associate productivity and customer service. Shop associates can print everything from shelf labels to item tags, markdown labels and sales receipts, right on the spot.
Zebra ZQ600

April 2018

Featuring smart interactions designed to enhance the end user experience, the TEKLYNX 2018 barcode labeling software solutions are built to improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and automation for manufacturers of all sizes.
Zebra ZD620

November 2017

When print quality, productivity, application flexibility and management simplicity matter, the Zebra ZD620 Series delivers.
Zebra ZD620

October 2017

With class-leading battery power, versatility, durability and easy remote management at an affordable price, the ZQ300 Series comes in two designs to meet your business needs.
Zebra ZQ320

September 2017

The PowerScan PM9100 and PBT9100 linear imagers are cordless devices offering state-of-the-art performance in an industrial product and features wireless technology. The scanners are perfectly suited for use in manufacturing, shop floor, distribution and logistics centers.
Datalogic PM9100

July 2017

The new MACH4S from cab offers all the features of a high class industrial printer with a wide application range.
cab MACH4S

June 2017

Building on the legacy of the industry-leading 105SLPlus printer, the new ZT510 from Zebra includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point.
Zebra ZT510

June 2017

Advancing the legacy of the industry-leading Xi Series, the Zebra ZT600 Series printers combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.
Zebra ZT620

April 2017

A powerful and reliable desktop printer, the new PC42d printer from Honeywell/Intermec is well suited for a variety of lowto-mid
intensity thermal printing applications.
Datalogic PowerScan Retail Series

January 2017

The new PowerScan Retail series from Datalogic is suitable for users who want to integrate the durability of PowerScan Imagers into a retail environment.
Datalogic PowerScan Retail Series


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