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The World's Leading Label, RFID,
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With hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries, BarTender is the world's leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Running stand-alone or integrated with just about any other program, BarTender is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application, including: labels, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, encoding smart cards, sign production, and much more. Powerful companion applications even manage system security, network print functions, document publishing, print job logging, and more. With four editions delivering a remarkable range of features, there's a BarTender to satisfy every need and budget.

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Editions Top

BarTender is available in 5 editions that address a wide range of features and user requirements:

  • Free
    The BarTender Free Edition allows you to create and print professional labels using our exclusive Intelligent Templates.
  • Starter
    The Starter Edition is ideal for small businesses and departments that need to quickly and easily generate labels including support for variable data from Excel or CSV files.
    • Easy label design and printing
    • Label data populated from Excel or CSV files
    • Basic serialization — increment or decrement numbers by 1
    • Simple implementation for Amazon Transparency
    • Industry-leading barcode support
    • Enable multiple users to print from any networked PC
    • Support for up to three printers
  • Professional
    The Professional Edition is ideal for departments and small businesses and offers an easy to use interface which includes RFID encoding and enables you to leverage content from databases, spreadsheets and other files for sophisticated label and card designs.
    • Includes all Starter Edition features
    • Data-sourced color
    • PANTONE Color System
    • Database support for Excel Online, Google Sheets, JSON and QuickBooks Online
    • Improved Data Entry Forms including search and filter improvements
    • Support for dynamic embedded table images
    • Support for GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) Version 20.0
  • Automation
    The Automation Edition is ideal for businesses that are looking to automate labeling to increase speed and accuracy and provides tools to manage and integrate label and document printing with the organizations business systems.
    • Includes all Professional Edition features
    • Support for automating changes to the data source of table objects
    • Support for automation of table object databases
    • Automated restart of monitored databases
    • Expanded BarTender /d command line parameter support
    • Improved integration message logging
  • Enterprise Automation
    The Enterprise Edition is ideal for businesses that operate in regulated industries or span multiple locations and need to control design and printing throughout the organization.
    • Includes all Automation Edition features
    • Improved web-based Print Portal
    • Librarian Workflow Designer
    • Integrated Print Portal with workflows
    • Licensing redundancy
    • Multi-lingual Phrase Library with AutoTranslation and TMX import/export
    • Print Portal custom branding
    • .NET SDK (Librarian and Print Portal APIs)
    • Librarian performance improvements
    • Improved encryption key management
Choosing the Right BarTender Edition
Label Design Top

Intuitive mouse motions, careful attention to Microsoft standards for the look and feel of software, and helpful wizards get beginners started right away. A variety of power features guarantee experts the design freedom they need.

Access a remarkable variety of Windows and printer fonts. Mix text styles within paragraphs and connect them to different database fields.Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced custom sequences. Combine characters from almost any language on Earth into a single label. Full-system Unicode support for names of files, printers, servers, fields, etc. Whether you use the ready-to-print formats or design brand new labels, you get the power and flexibility to satisfy thousands of compliance label standards.

BarTender Brochure
Companion Applications Top
  • Administration Console
    Use Administration Console to access and configure system-wide administration functions for BarTender security and the BarTender system database and to start and stop BarTender services.
  • Data Builder
    Use Data Builder to create and manage databases that you can connect to from BarTender Designer and other applications in the BarTender Suite.

  • History Explorer
    Use History Explorer to view logged information about past print jobs, including print job information and error messages.

  • Integration Builder
    Use Integration Builder to create highly customizable integrations that you can use to seamlessly connect BarTender's printing capabilities with virtually any enterprise business operation.
  • Librarian
    By using Librarian, large groups of users, designers, and administrators can cooperatively and securely manage the storage and revision of BarTender documents and related files.
  • Print Portal
    Print Portal provides a web-based interface that you can use to select and print BarTender documents with a single click.

  • Print Station
    By using Print Station, non-technical users can print items with a simple "point and click" operation.

  • Printer Maestro
    Printer Maestro consolidates multiple print management functions in Windows into a single view that simplifies the management of multiple print jobs and printers across a network.
  • Process Builder
    Use Process Builder to build a process to print one or more documents or to perform other actions, such as sending an email message or writing to a database. By using Process Builder, you can create customizable process files so that you can automate repetitive operations. You can easily use the Process Builder user interface as an alternative to programming interfaces such as ActiveX, the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK, the command line interface, or BarTender XML (BTXML) script.
  • Reprint Console
    Use Reprint Console to browse through previous BarTender print jobs and to reprint your items.

Integraion Top

Many of BarTenders most powerful features are dedicated to working with other software:

  • Powerful, Flexible Data Retrieval
  • Read from Most Databases
  • SAP IDocs, Oracle and other XML
  • ActiveX Automation
  • Transparent Operation from within Other Software
BarTender Integration
BarTender Integration Overview

The Enterprise Automation edition lets you drag and drop RFID objects into your label designs the same way you create bar codes and other label objects. The RFID Enterprise edition supports most available tag types, including EPC Class 1, Gen2, ISO 18000-6b, ISO 15693, Tag-It, I-CODE, TagSys, My-d, Picotag, and more. Supported data formats include Wal-Mart, DoD, EPC, and custom formats.

RFID with Drag-and-Drop
Printer Support Top

Seagull Scientific is internationally recognized for its Windows printer drivers for thermal label printers. We pioneered thermal printer driver development and have since released drivers for popular brands all across the world.
Seagull Drivers are true Windows drivers. This allows them to operate with any Windows program and output to printers anywhere on your network. Written specifically for thermal label printers, they exploit thermal printing features that are unavailable using conventional Windows drivers.
When combined with BarTender Label Printing Software, Seagull Drivers unleash the high-speed printing capabilities of thermal printers and optimize label printing performance.

Optimizing Print Performance
Trial Edition Top

For the first 30 days, the Trial Edition of BarTender functions just like the full-working product. After that time, BarTender runs in a slightly limited "demo mode" that randomly changes one character in each printed bar code or text field. For example, if you tried to print out a text or bar code field containing "ABCD," it might print out as "ABXD" instead.
Once you purchase the full-working BarTender, it will load and print any label designs created with the Trial Edition.

BarTender will work with any true Windows printer driver. However, if you are using any of the major brands of label printers, you will get much higher performance if you also download and use Drivers by Seagull. (Drivers must be downloaded separately. They are not included in the BarTender downloads below.)